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At Seton, the spiritual growth of the student is of primary importance, followed by intellectual development. Physical education is also important in the student's growth and should complement and contribute to spiritual and academic well-being. Students are therefore encouraged to participate in athletics.

Contact the Seton Sports Department at
sports@seton-school.org or call (703) 367-7871

Seton Sports Apparel - order deadline is extended to Sept 12th!

Order your Seton Sports Apparel now! Orders from players and their families are due to their coach by ASAP. Orders from people not affiliated with a fall Seton team are due to the office by 3pm Friday, Sept 12th. Any student, coach, family member, or Seton fan can order these items. The quick turnaround is to get the items back by mid-season.

Athletic/Academic Policy

Athletes who are having academic trouble within a grading period may be taken off the team, with the agreement of the teacher, coach, and parents, until he/she improves academic performance. Athletes who fail one or more courses on a report card will be placed on academic probation and will be suspended from games and practices for two full weeks. The student may return to the team the following week and each succeeding week if he/she presents to the coach, each week, a form signed by all his/her teachers verifying that he/she is passing in all subjects. Click here to get the full Sports Academic Requirements policy.

Similarly, if one takes part in an athletic contest, he cannot receive the winner's crown unless he has kept the rules. -- II Timothy 2:5


Seton Sports Schedules

can be found by going to www.schedulestar.com,

  • type in Seton School...
  • click on Manassas...
  • once on the Seton Sports Page click on "Season"...

then pull down the sport, the level and the gender of choice which will pull up the game schedule

Fall Sports Program

Cross-Country, Co-ed
Soccer, Boys
Volleyball, Girls
Tennis, Girls
Golf, Co-ed

Winter Sports Program

Basketball, Boys and Girls
Swimming, Boys and Girls
Volleyball, Boys (interest dependent)
Wrestling, Boys

Spring Sports Program

Baseball, Boys
Softball, Girls
Lacrosse, Boys
Soccer, Girls
Tennis, Boys

In September 2013 Seton co-hosted a conference with Catholic Athletes for Christ. Now you can download or listen to these talks on-line!

  • All Conference
  • R McKenna
  • B Thierfelder
Download the Full Conference
Download Ray McKenna's talk
Download Dr. Bill Thierfelder's talk


Soccer 2014


Volleyball 2014


Col P” Memorial Golf Tournament

14th Annual “Col P” Memorial Golf Tournament

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Wednesday, Oct 15th
Bristow Manor Golf Club